Disarrayed [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Disarrayed:

The mischievous South wind was blowing; it disarrayed the hair, it whispered in the ear, and stirred the music in the blood.

The old man bade the girl attend to their guest; and she disarrayed him, and then unsaddled his horse and gave it straw and com.

They sat down in the laps of the boys, on chairs, on the edge of the disarrayed tables.

For, on approaching the light, Sandy was seen to be covered with mud and otherwise much disarrayed.

And he went into the hall to disarray, and there came youths and pages and disarrayed him, and all as they entered saluted him.

In disarrayed nightrobe I leap to bare feet and essay To follow all paths; but a road can discover by none.

Morose, fearlessly disarrayed, and with it all a trifle haggard and forlorn, Nina Lempriere had the air of not belonging to them.

Eagle valiantly sleeked her disarrayed hair, the breast under her bodice still heaving and sobbing.

There he shook himself, his plumage being disarrayed, though his spirit was not.

And the household and the company arose to meet Peredur, and disarrayed him.