Upset [adjective]

Definition of Upset:

disturbed, bothered

Opposite/Antonyms of Upset:

Sentence/Example of Upset:

Supposing—— It was cruel to excite and upset her just for that; it made the pain worse.

I've been getting along all right; now you come and upset everything.

The arrival of Winkleman would, he secretly admitted, upset him completely.

"I wouldn't let a thing like that upset me if I was you," she said.

"Well, why don't you say upset, you horrible old Orangeman," she retorted.

"I shall say just how it all happened, that we quarreled, and upset the wagon," said Sami calmly.

And all these arrangements had been upset by the carelessness of a domestic.

It was not death which upset him and caused him to struggle.

Why, when I got home the last time I was so upset that I almost took to my bed.

The truth is that it's a scheme to upset Barroux's ministry.