Joyful [adjective]

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How Luka Doncic’s Mavericks lost their joyful swagger and how they can get it backAll told, that wave of criticism included five of the top 12 players in all-star voting expressing frustration with the league or its midseason plans over 48 hours.

Be ye never joyful save when you have looked upon your brother in charity.

Their gestures and manner of argument did not bear out the joyful tidings brought to the conclave by the Shahzada.

Overflowing with blissful excitement, I rushed into the house to tell mother the joyful news.

If it is your pleasant task to communicate a joyful event, make your letter cheerful and gay.

Those who shall take bold on the Covenant of God will be joyful in his house of prayer.

She hurried away up stairs, right joyful at the unexpected turn things had taken.

The joyful shareholders surrounded Ivan and carried him in triumph out of the hall.

Richard Bates sat still, wondering if the joyful news that no one he cared for was implicated could really be true!

The joyful news throughout the fleet that we were to weigh, and to get off to our rendezvous in Baltschik as soon as we could.