Disagreeable [adjective]

Definition of Disagreeable:

bad-tempered, irritable

Synonyms of Disagreeable:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disagreeable:

Sentence/Example of Disagreeable:

There were other children beside, and two nurse-maids followed, looking disagreeable and resigned.

He was very disagreeable about the house when he returned home, and his wife adroitly kept out of his sight.

Their boasted successes, the crowding of colonies, schemes of settlement and development,—all were disagreeable and irritating.

There's no use anticipating things disagreeable or otherwise; we'll simply have to take them as they come.

One of the most disagreeable things in Rio Janeiro is the total absence of sewers.

Somehow the comparison in his favour was disagreeable—he preferred to hear his cousin praised, but certainly not belittled.

We were in rather a disagreeable situation for some time, but more afraid than hurt.

Richard says it will be disagreeable, but I don't think so—they are such unsophisticated people.

At the club, they were far too facetious; even Randulf rallied him in a disagreeable manner.

She knew there would be evil, but she had expected it in a more striking and less disagreeable form.