Disobliging [adjective]

Definition of Disobliging:

rude, annoying

Synonyms of Disobliging:

Opposite/Antonyms of Disobliging:

Sentence/Example of Disobliging:

I never was cheated, or in any way "let in," by a Chinaman, and never found him discourteous or disobliging.

It is comfortable to be of no consequence in a world where one cannot exercise any without disobliging somebody.

Have I been perfectly sincere to-day, disobliging no one, and speaking evil of no one?

It was with him a fixed principle never to disoblige a customer, and he saw that he was disobliging at least half a dozen.

It is very curious too, how exceedingly disobliging old people are.

You can easily guess he wasnt an ugly, cross-grained, disobliging fellow.

I am sorry to be disobliging, but if that is the case I believe I will.

The officers here were not nearly so haughty and disobliging as those on board the Eurotas.

She felt a certain shame in doing so; a shame in admitting that a relative of hers could be so mean and disobliging.

Mrs W. Thank you; pretty well; but, as usual with all Italians, the owners are most disobliging.