Unaccommodating [adjective]

Definition of Unaccommodating:

not in the mood

Opposite/Antonyms of Unaccommodating:

Sentence/Example of Unaccommodating:

I will not deny, but I have no unaccommodating prejudiced habits.

They are noisy, vicious, unaccommodating and aggravating to a degree.

But of all animals in the world a rhinoceros is, perhaps, the most unaccommodating.

This was not because he was unaccommodating, but a proof of superior manners.

That unaccommodating tongue only moves with a soul behind it.

I thought him unaccommodating at the time, but I see now that he was merely wise.

Their compartments are unaccommodating; these are fitted for the birds only, those only for fish.

If you are so unaccommodating, I will look for some one else.

It was owing to the unaccommodating disposition of our commander, Mr. Osmore.

Our language and our religion were against us; our unaccommodating manners, it is to be feared, still more so.