Unenthusiastic [adjective]

Definition of Unenthusiastic:


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Sentence/Example of Unenthusiastic:

The performance was in every sense unexciting; the audience meagre and unenthusiastic.

And with this unenthusiastic assent Frederik was forced to be satisfied.

In order to deserve that title he must be timid and unenthusiastic.

He was the same modest, anti-sensational, unenthusiastic being that he is now.

In the buzz and hum of its flywheel, Perry got a damp and unenthusiastic handshake.

And then he stopped, having caught Val's unenthusiastic glance.

"Nothing that boils interests me in the least," was the unenthusiastic reply.

The unenthusiastic references to it in ancient literature are, after all, truthful.

I began to think him particularly lukewarm and unenthusiastic.

It is cold and unenthusiastic; it cannot propagate itself; it cannot set fire to anything and spread.