Wholehearted [adjective]

Definition of Wholehearted:


Opposite/Antonyms of Wholehearted:

Sentence/Example of Wholehearted:

She was not prepared for their wholehearted praise, for their delight and appreciation.

The most wholehearted (p. 041) efforts were not always successful.

Wholehearted in his belief of Them, yet it was not to him They had talked.

Now, complete and wholehearted absorption in public interests is rare.

Wholehearted praise is sincere, and all the singer's being is fused into it.

It behoves the nature-mystic, then, to be wholehearted in defence of his master principle.

I will welcome the wholehearted cooperation of the Congress in this effort.

He might have added that he had given Commissary Blair his wholehearted support in his efforts to found a college.

Indeed, they appeared to be genuinely excited about him—it was evident that their cordiality was eager and wholehearted.

The Christian is a citizen of Heaven, and is subject to its law, which is universal, wholehearted love.