Hearty [adjective]

Definition of Hearty:

energetic, enthusiastic

Opposite/Antonyms of Hearty:

Sentence/Example of Hearty:

Guests are pretty hearty and they also quarantine six months out of the year because of the weather, but these are the same people that grill outside in the winter and have fire pits in their backyards.

This annual celebration of Bavarian craft beer, food and lederhosen features hearty fare for the inner bear.

With an above-average size, this pan can hold hearty amounts of soup, sauces, or side dishes.

The people here are just hearty and skilled in so many ways, with tractors, chainsaws, grading, knowing flora and fauna.

Pre-lockdown, I always rewarded myself for going to the gym with a hearty takeout meal immediately afterward.

Mr. Brown seizes the proffered member, and gives it as hearty a pressure as the publicity of the occasion will permit.

Great preparations had been made, and the success must have been perfect to win so general and hearty a commendation.

He had a red, jolly face, divided unequally by a great black moustache, and his manner was hearty.

The nod of assent was given, and the permission put in force with hearty good will.

This was a very strong expression of approbation, and an uncommonly hearty welcome from a person of Mr. Sikess temperament.