Impassioned [adjective]

Definition of Impassioned:

excited, vehement

Synonyms of Impassioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impassioned:

Sentence/Example of Impassioned:

Zeyn Joukhadar, formerly Jennifer Zeynab Joukhadar, has just published the impassioned “The Thirty Names of Night” which, like “The Map of Salt and Stars,” centers on Syrian families in their war-torn homeland and in America.

His impassioned speech thrust the furniture factory worker into the spotlight, putting him on Fox News and earning him a speaking platform with the National Rifle Association outreach board.

Then he became a viral internet sensation by giving an impassioned speech at a Greensboro City Council meeting in support of the Second Amendment, declaring “I am the majority!”

Wherever the trolley would stop, she’d disembark and deliver an impassioned speech while standing on top of a Moxie box borrowed from the nearest drugstore.

Early in American history, the filibuster permitted an impassioned minority to hold the floor, ensuring they could make their case, no matter the impatience of the majority.

Wicks’ appearance and her impassioned late-night speech for Atkins’ housing bill while masked and holding her daughter ended up being the most dramatic moment of the night in an evening full of them.

Because crypto and Bitcoin were built to be decentralized and without one governing body, there are impassioned contributors across the globe who work constantly to improve access to digital assets.

General Stanhope then repeated to him, all that the impassioned resentment of Ripperda had excited him to avow.

Socialism, like every other impassioned human effort, will flourish best under martyrdom.

Meanwhile he wrote an impassioned letter to Napoleon urging him to seek no more wars of conquest.