Fervid [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fervid:

Will Wallace had left him by that time, and was listening entranced to the fervid exhortations of Dickson of Rutherglen.

Fervid as their Christianity was, it was altogether unprogressive in its form.

Never before had he felt a faith so profound, or an interest so fervid in the genius of any woman.

I was riding by the ranch of Mr. Blank, who had wooed and won our cook after a courtship that was as brief as it was fervid.

His fervid imagination extended the area of his sympathies, and sometimes prejudiced his opinions.

Suddenly, Zonella laid her hand upon his arm and leaned forward with a look of fervid earnestness.

William of St. Thierry and other chroniclers, telling of Clairvaux at this time, are fervid in their reverence and praise.

The splendid life of the Mississippi steamboat is fading, but here the glow lingers, the twilight at the close of a fervid day.

In the opulent, fervid period of the Renaissance, art was born of passion and inspired by it to greatness.

Figure to yourself this eager little chap: high-keyed, timid, fervid: something of a buffoon, always a victim of his perceptions.