Unconcerned [adjective]

Definition of Unconcerned:

carefree; apathetic

Opposite/Antonyms of Unconcerned:

Sentence/Example of Unconcerned:

I shall endeavour to be only an observer: Happy, if I could be an unconcerned one!

How was it that the insurance companies were so unconcerned?

Heathcroft, in spite of the close play, was as bland and unconcerned as ever.

Gonzaga, all unconcerned in this, eyed Fortemani in expectation of his answer.

I affected, as well as I might, to seem easy and unconcerned.

He looked as unconcerned and unapproachable as only the young can look.

I had to pretend to be calm and unconcerned when I was consumed with passion.

“We must then take his name off,” he says in a kind of unconcerned sing-song.

But this was the true state of the case to every unconcerned spectator.

I couldn't do a thing like that, and be so cheeky and unconcerned.