Unworried [adjective]

Definition of Unworried:

easygoing, casual

Synonyms of Unworried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unworried:

Sentence/Example of Unworried:

And the unworried, unaccented voice of her father went on tormenting her.

The humans of Cathay might try a return raid, but he was unworried.

If it was always like this, it would have its points, replied the unworried Chipmunk.

The big Irishman, however, seemed the most unworried fugitive at large.

After the comparison she could say No: a round, unworried, satisfying No.

He was serene, peaceful, and unworried, as he had not been for one moment since the inquest.

He bethought him that this unworried peace was endurable only in the world to come.

She was unsated with the world, unspoiled by men, unworried by the demands of society.

It makes me feel rather like an ant, but a well-doing and unworried ant.

Adam was tranquil and unworried till fate sent him a wife, and he was typical of the destinies of his descendants.