Careless [adjective]

Definition of Careless:

without sufficient attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Careless:

Sentence/Example of Careless:

Of Liszt the first part of this is not true, for if he strikes a wrong note it is simply because he chooses to be careless.

He hurried to the Hotel d'Ettres; but the scenes of careless gaiety he saw there, seemed only to chafe his mind.

She is always attired in black, and is utterly careless in dress, yet nothing can conceal her innate elegance of figure.

Never had Tom seen his gay and careless cousin in such guise: he was restless, silent, intense and inarticulate.

Thus arrayed I fixed myself on the porch, to be smoking my pipe in a careless, indifferent way when she came.

Had they been light I should have kept on whistling in that careless way; but now I looked up, startled.

By the late Eighties he had disappeared into the north, and the careless city knew him no more.

It would not have been an unsightly spot if the marks of the habitation of poor and careless folk had been wiped away.

"Scamps would claim money twice over when they could," said Mr. Carr; and Elster was a careless man, always losing his receipts.

Weston I had always known as a lanky man, but about his loosely fitting garments there had been an air of careless distinction.