Loose [adjective]

Definition of Loose:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Loose:

Sentence/Example of Loose:

What’s more, Reich believed that a looser view of sex would free society from the psychological hang-ups preventing people from reaching their orgastic potential.

I gently lowered the trap into a bucket and pulled loose the wires that held it together.

Eventually officials decided it needed a lot more work than they thought it would and when they did that work, they let asbestos loose and now the building is a mess and it could cost city taxpayers a lot of money.

So in a laboratory greenhouse, the researchers let three species of dodders loose on plants with different flowering times, confirming that all the parasites shifted their flowering time to match their hosts.

We feel that the Federal Reserve policy is going to remain extremely loose.

For starters, they believe stimulus measures and loose monetary policy will pump further liquidity into the markets.

In other words, dopamine release from the biological neuron interacts with the artificial one, so that the chemicals change how the downstream neuron behaves in a somewhat lasting way—a loose mimic of what happens inside the brain during learning.

If a connectome—a large-scale snapshot of all your neural connections—is a loose “copy” of you at one moment in time, synapses are a fluid representation of how you change and grow through time.

This prompted the team to devise two new techniques that would slow the rate at which CNTs come loose and speed up the rate at which they get deposited.

Then she can hunt down the wire to fix a loose connection or other issue.