Clean [adjective]

Definition of Clean:

not dirty; uncluttered

Opposite/Antonyms of Clean:

Sentence/Example of Clean:

He shall give his mind to finish the glazing, and his watching to make clean the furnace.

And I will turn my hand to thee, and I will clean purge away thy dross, and I will take away all thy tin.

A groom is a chap, that a gentleman keeps to clean his 'osses, and be blown up, when things go wrong.

The sun was palely shining upon dry, clean pavements and upon roads juicy with black mud.

Who could have believed that only a fortnight ago these same figures were clean as new pins; smart and well-liking!

He looks about thirty-five, has a clean-shaven intelligent face, and is dressed in a dark tweed suit.

I'm somewhat puzzled to know why they didn't stand pat and make a clean job of us both.

A large drop is allowed to dry upon a clean slide or unglazed paper.

Yet no one points them out as objects worthy of notice, though they are kept as bright and clean as if required for daily use.

But she looked neat and clean, and she certainly was determined not to enter the automobile if she could help it.