Immaculate [adjective]

Definition of Immaculate:

very clean; unspoiled

Synonyms of Immaculate:

Opposite/Antonyms of Immaculate:

Sentence/Example of Immaculate:

If I were designing a modern, covid-safe campground, with touch screen check-in, WiFi, immaculate greenery, an oceanfront setting, enclosed single-stall outdoor showers and single-stall restrooms, this would be it.

But with the immaculate conception of Mary, a being full of grace, an object of God's supreme complacency entered this world.

Have recourse to the intercession of the immaculate Virgin and rest assured that you will obtain this mercy.

She did; as she read, her hand reached out and took a grip upon Herbert's immaculate head!

Monsieur Guillot was there, sitting insolently forward in his box, sleek and immaculate.

In your radiant and immaculate bosom the divine spark may be enshrined, a place without sullying where it may fitly nestle.

Criadas are not, as a rule, of immaculate virtue, and give some trouble by their desire to go to festas and to servants' balls.

Gradual development on the basis of the beliefs outlined of an ideally pure and immaculate Model Woman.

The Fords' was a tall, three-story, stone front house, with everything about it inside and out in immaculate order.

We may also investigate impartially such doctrines as the immaculate conception, and the existence of angels.