Horrible [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Horrible:

It’s horrible to say, I know, but it felt so nice that the heat was off us for a while.

I think it also means I’m less likely to get hit on, which is a horrible thing that has happened to a lot of young women in fields where there aren’t enough women.

When planes were coming long-distance from London, Sydney, Narita or Hong Kong, it was horrible.

I walk into the store, and this woman just lights me up, and starts putting my face into an iPhone and saying I’m a horrible person, and dah, dah, dah.

New York City Mayor de Blasio announced on Sunday that Ocran lost her life, and he said that she was a “psych educator” at Jacobi and that it was a horrible loss for the family, for the hospital, and for the city.

Shame on someone for being that horrible and then having the audacity to hide behind a sign.

He gasped a few times, then, gathering strength again, went on with that horrible spasmodic recitation.

My father, who was a professional cricketer, was smashed up by an accident, and I had three horrible years in employment in shops.

They have fought countless bloody wars and have committed countless horrible atrocities in their zeal for Him.

And yet, at the same moment you were protesting, and denouncing, and saying those horrible things about her!