Shocking [adjective]

Definition of Shocking:

outrageous; very surprising

Opposite/Antonyms of Shocking:

Sentence/Example of Shocking:

And to his astonishment there was none of the shocking effect of his first drink of whisky.

The attack must have all the shocking senselessness of gratuitous blasphemy.

And he had too plainly crossed North America in this shocking state!

There are some natures, I believe, which after a shock turn and flee from the shocking agent.

Ah, we Neapolitans, we may be shocking; but at least we are sincere!

His nostrils were quivering, his eyes were ablaze, and the expression of his face was shocking.

It was headed "Shocking occurrence at a fashionable wedding."

She was a frightful woman, and he was a shocking man, and "they knocked the children about cruel."

Sim laughed when he told Ralph this, but it was a shocking laugh; there was no heart in it.

It's shocking to see the man bittending this and bittending that.