Respectable [adjective]

Definition of Respectable:

good, honest

Opposite/Antonyms of Respectable:

Sentence/Example of Respectable:

This was a cousin of Miss Moreton's, a respectable clergyman.

One of these days the respectable Republic will find this out.

This inn was kept by two respectable ladies, who were sisters.

She knew that in that quarter everyone is not respectable, but everyone is kind.

She smoked cigarettes, and he could not think that this would have been respectable in any other woman.

She is respectable, but not sentimental, and will state the fact.

He was a respectable, handsome-looking gentleman, advanced in middle age.

I'll wager he's living as quiet and respectable as any gentleman ever lived yet.'

The fellow has no property as respectable as the basest virtue of a wolf.

I have no doubt that we shall do our duty by the respectable old structures.