Miserly [adjective]

Definition of Miserly:

greedy, stingy

Synonyms of Miserly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Miserly:

Sentence/Example of Miserly:

It'll cost him more than he'll ever get from my miserly uncle to repair it.

I admired her charms, and I was delighted to see that she was not miserly in their display.

Ruth remembered what Roberto had said about his miserly grandmother.

Ruth Fielding was an orphan and came to live with her miserly uncle.

He was so careful, so—so miserly in some ways, so wildly extravagant in others.

Mean and miserly as he was, he agreed to this with reluctance, and only as a measure of necessity.

Ask her to bear corn or pasture flocks, and she will be miserly and grudging.

It was not that Uncle Abimelech was miserly or that he grudged us assistance.

A miserly daw, who would not risk a crown to save the crown.

The old Librarian was getting a miserly feeling about his books, as he called them.