Close [adjective]

Definition of Close:

near, nearby

Opposite/Antonyms of Close:

Sentence/Example of Close:

Those close to him believe he would be fine with having a vote on another package before they leave town, even if it’s smaller than the plan Pelosi wants.

The Bedminster club temporarily closed down operations on March 17, after Murphy imposed new restrictions on businesses and social gatherings because of the pandemic.

The results were closer among Republicans, 41 percent of whom said the theory didn’t hurt the country and 50 percent of whom said it did.

If I didn’t close it, I think you’d have 2 million deaths instead of having the 185,000 — 190,000.

Along with the entire automaker sector, Honda’s business felt the hit from the coronavirus crisis early on as global lockdowns caused factories to close and kept consumers away from dealerships.

I think what I did by closing up the country, I think I saved two, maybe two and a half, maybe more than that, lives.

The military budget had declined in recent years, as a result of decreases in funding for Overseas Contingency Operations as both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came to a close, not because it has been so gravely depleted.

This would have the effect of closing down the plants, the trade group warned, because they were already short-staffed and testing could cause fear among the remaining workers.

Unless things change in the fall, Patel figures he might have to close by December.

Sections of many major highways in the Northwest have been closed by fire at some point in the past week.