Inaccurate [adjective]

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I have it on right now and it suggests the tone of this post is “concerned,” which isn’t totally inaccurate.

Eitan Hersh, a professor at Tufts who testified to Congress after the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2016, believes the data—particularly the modeled attributes—is inaccurate to the point of hindering its usefulness for campaigns.

However, because protecting the Ethics process is an imperative for the Party I can say that it would be inaccurate to say that the complaint is closed or that no action was taken.

Both the hardware and software need to be improved over time to reduce inaccurate predictions, and Steindorfer argues that the whole system needs to be thought of as a continued work in progress.

You can imagine why it’s important to identify the difference between accurate and inaccurate statistical discrimination.

His works were popular for a time, until they were discovered to be very inaccurate, and carelessly compiled.

Mr. Haywood is evidently inaccurate in writing evristic, which is wrong in Greek as well as in German and English.

The history of the late session was known to the Spaniards principally by inaccurate reports brought by Irish friars.

Zoe never had a brother, so the relationship, at all events, is inaccurate.

Williams had shown himself to be an inaccurate conveyancer in the drafting of the original deed.