Untrue [adjective]

Definition of Untrue:


Opposite/Antonyms of Untrue:

Sentence/Example of Untrue:

It would be untrue to say that Hester was not interested in the news.

It is all untrue; actors were then, as now, only mummers without judgement.

In these many years I have never been untrue to you in a single thought.

But I will not believe you when you tell me what I know to be untrue.

All of which Tony Cornish remembered later; for it was untrue.

Denial would be useless, and in denying, you would be untrue to yourself.

His picture of the Doge's palace at Venice was quite clay-cold and untrue.

But I should like to know, Socrates, whether you mean to say that all this is untrue?'

But then I suppose you will say that what he creates is untrue.

Then one half of the saying is untrue, if the wicked are like one another?