Deceitful [adjective]

Definition of Deceitful:

dishonest, insincere

Opposite/Antonyms of Deceitful:

Sentence/Example of Deceitful:

In an interview with Fortune, Levchin reiterated his familiar mantra that the credit card industry is deceitful and immoral, and that Affirm offers a way to provide consumers credit with dignity.

The series never makes a clear case that it’s worth all the effort — or worth adding another deceitful politician to your life at this particular moment.

It was at this parliament that the famous acts against horse racing and deceitful gaming were passed.

The hopes of a man that is void of understanding are vain and deceitful: and dreams lift up fools.

Avoid affectation; it is the sure test of a deceitful, vulgar mind.

Destroyed!I feel all hope and all desire depart,For life and its deceitful joys.Forever rest!

It is the offspring of a sickly taste, a deceitful heart, and a sure proof of low breeding.

That appearances are deceitful, and that our minds must see invisible force through matter.

He laughed at her in keenest mockery, this Dorian Mountcastle, who was so tired of lovely woman and her deceitful wiles.

If she got to learn the truth about certain things, she would think the letters deceitful.