Reliable [adjective]

Definition of Reliable:


Opposite/Antonyms of Reliable:

Sentence/Example of Reliable:

The backer was a reliable man and asked for a fair run for his money.

The bearers of the kitchen, who were also reliable travellers, set about the cook camp.

And Roland remained true—a reliable second string to Josie's bow.

They were well built and reliable, so that the trade was pleased to stock and promote them.

He knows that if I am not very quick or brilliant I am fairly steady and reliable.

Henry knew of a reliable hotel there, and Margaret hoped for a meeting with her sister.

Jenkins was reliable, usually, and hadn't come up with a fluke yet.

He is widely known through the city as a good and reliable man.

Yet you ask me, a reliable machine, to help you in your perplexities?

He might have coped with her temper but his reliable tailor-made sister in tears?