Incorrupt [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Incorrupt:

The last sound is the pure sound again, which typifies a sincere resolve to keep the repentant heart incorrupt.

Of course such a society as I have proposed would not remain incorrupt long.

If the judge were incorrupt, he would punish you for your blasphemy.

For it was felt that public opinion among us, enlightened and incorrupt, operated with strict justice.

Bede says that his body was found incorrupt eleven years after burial, and that it so continued.

He meant well to the public; and was incorrupt in a post where corruption is commonly contagious.

He was translated at midnight of October 13, 1163, when his body was found to be incorrupt.

How long will your spell keep the body incorrupt, Master Sean?

We learn from William of Malmesbury that the body was again found incorrupt 415 years afterwards at Durham, and publicly shewn.

Incorrupt himself, Pitt was extraordinarily tolerant of corruption in others.