Definite [adjective]

Definition of Definite:

exact, clear

Opposite/Antonyms of Definite:

Sentence/Example of Definite:

The simulation results give a definite answer to this habitability problem, at least in terms of the importance of feedbacks and luck.

The idea that there is a definite clear-cut answer is not true, because respected scientists differ in their views.

The exemplar of this group of ideas is the Copenhagen interpretation, the textbook version of quantum theory, which is most popularly understood to suggest that particles don’t have definite properties until those properties are measured.

The Hawks’ turnaround starts with outside shooting, a definite concern heading into the year.

Aguinaldo withheld his decision until Paterno could report to him the definite opinions of his generals.

Quantitative estimation does not furnish much of definite clinical value.

That she had her definite reason he knew, as a woman knows when another woman is wearing a last year's gown.

He even fancied that something of challenge flashed from her, though without definite words or gesture.

Much later, in the case of all but gifted children, do the mysteries of harmony begin to take on definite form and meaning.

And when he answered it, he was obliged to acknowledge that she had made upon his nature a definite impression.