Obvious [adjective]

Definition of Obvious:

apparent, understandable

Opposite/Antonyms of Obvious:

Sentence/Example of Obvious:

She smiled rather painfully, with an obvious effort to be conventional.

The remedy, however, to my mind, is obvious and suggests itself.

Transcriber's Note on text: Some obvious errors have been corrected.

He went on speaking with obvious enjoyment of the extent to which his knowledge reached.

It is obvious that a great deal depends on the mode of suspension.

It is obvious that he did not plan the death of that wretched lad—his brother-in-law.

Again there was the obvious double meaning in his sullen tone.

Let us not delay a moment, without some good and obvious cause.

You will have but short notice of the day, for obvious reasons.

Now I made some remarks which probably are too obvious to be worth relating.