Undeniable [adjective]

Definition of Undeniable:

definite, proven

Opposite/Antonyms of Undeniable:

Sentence/Example of Undeniable:

That one example, moreover, has been a success as unqualified as undeniable.

There were expenses of undeniable utility—the roads, ports, and railways.

All this would be justified by strong and undeniable circumstances.

But for all that, the pluck and tenacity of Ulstermen are undeniable.

The scientific mind must have proof, undeniable, irrefutable proof.

The awe, however, is undeniable and the mind of man can never wholly escape it.

That this method was frequently of much service is undeniable.

But it is undeniable that they were badly "rattled" on the Somme.

His 'accessories,' as the French would call them, are undeniable.

Could there be anything worse from the point of view of his undeniable cleverness?