Evident [adjective]

Definition of Evident:

apparent, clear

Opposite/Antonyms of Evident:

Sentence/Example of Evident:

Though Hall never lets us into Clare’s world, Clare’s obsession with Irene or “Renie,” as she calls her, is immediately evident.

The problems, also evident nationwide, add to the list of failures that the world’s richest country has compiled in a year of battling the coronavirus.

Stafford’s improvement over the prior two years is also evident here.

With such popularity, it’s evident that users like this feature to view content.

He wasn’t quick-footed, but the guy knew where to deliver the football and I think that was very evident in the second half of the comeback against the Oilers.

The gap between the Michigan and Maryland men’s basketball teams was evident Tuesday as the No.

Okay, on the surface, the importance of convenience is self-evident.

Those shifting desert sands are evident in a silent revolution that’s brewing across the region, with Middle Eastern women making a mark as baristas, roasters, quality graders, sensory judges and trainers.

The impact of unequal access is evident in Shelby County in other ways too.

The trend has been evident for at least a quarter century, but has, in the past four years, assumed the strength of a hurricane.