Concealed [adjective]

Definition of Concealed:

hidden, secret

Synonyms of Concealed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Concealed:

Sentence/Example of Concealed:

In a widely seen video, Seahawks General Manager John Schneider and Pete Carroll called Metcalf, who had concealed his emotions for two days.

Small in size, the Safavieh tables still pack a decent amount of concealed storage.

Koschei is supposed to have hidden his evil soul in the tip of a needle concealed in an egg inside a duck that flies away when pursued.

In one new paper, researchers used previous knowledge about the moon’s surface to build a 3-D computer model of the orb, and have detected what they think are tiny shadows that may conceal pockets of billion-year-old ice.

Back to Padre Giulio … if the girls were disappointed by the headmaster’s order, they did a decent job of concealing it.

That happy tale, however, conceals a bleaker, more familiar undercurrent.

Three openings on the back of the unit allow for concealed attachments of wires and cables.

VW couldn’t get its diesel engine emissions to be acceptably low, so it installed software to conceal its failed engineering.

Jim Parsons may be a bit of an acquired taste, for some, but the quirks of his persona and delivery fit like a glove on Michael, whose efforts to conceal his pain only reveal it at a level beyond words.

Mulan’s signature song, “Reflection,” is about never getting to express who she really is, and always feeling like she must conceal and suppress who that person is.