Obscured [adjective]

Definition of Obscured:


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Sentence/Example of Obscured:

They were beyond the line of battle and were not obscured by the clouds of smoke.

For the moment a cloud had obscured the moon, and Fyles looked up.

The chronometer on the mantel was obscured by a thick layer of dust.

In such an event some of our stars must fall and some of the beams of our light must be obscured.

We could see areas where the surface was obscured by clouds.

At dawn the hills are obscured in fog and sometimes this fog is chilly.

She said that you had a noble nature, but it was often obscured by violent passions.

The light was obscured, the voice began clamouring insistently.

Truth is often obscured, but it can never be hidden from the eyes that are seeking the light.

In ten minutes the peak toward which they were heading was obscured.