Cryptic [adjective]

Definition of Cryptic:

secret; obscure in meaning

Opposite/Antonyms of Cryptic:

Sentence/Example of Cryptic:

Neon’s somewhat cryptic demos showed off virtual, AI-powered avatars that were surprisingly convincing and conversational.

Some people write love letters, some try to fool others into thinking they’re actually traveling, and some send cryptic messages anonymously.

Search engines can intuit what you’re looking for from a few cryptic keywords.

The cryptic message was accompanied by a change to Abovitz’s Twitter bio referencing something called Project Phoenix.

After two weeks of nearly daily posts, he retired the project with one final, cryptic, self-written message.

With that cryptic message she ran back to the door, which was immediately slammed behind her.

This query is no doubt a very correct and moral one, but it seems somewhat cryptic.

He does not say cryptic things or babble trivialities in the name of the mighty Dead—the mighty Damned or the mighty Blest.

At the most he would fling out some cryptic hint, bestow some malediction upon life in general.

There were a few cryptic cautionary references to heightened physico-psychological effects.