Oracular [adjective]

Definition of Oracular:


Opposite/Antonyms of Oracular:


Sentence/Example of Oracular:

It assumes to be prophetical, and its utterances are oracular.

"Anybody can do it, when once they know how," so ran this oracular document.

And Marion delivered this speech with a most oracular and pretentious tone.

"You are neither of you right, as usual," said little Potts, in his oracular way.

Margaret was oracular and mysterious, and looked like a thundercloud.

His method is gnomic, laconic, oracular; never persuasive or plausible.

"We're all like we're made," sounded the oracular accents of Mr. Peebles.

"I would na be surprised," he observed with oracular amiability.

I suppose I remembered it for its oracular sound, and because I was not intended to listen.

Yet her journey had the sanction of Eugenia's concurrence; and Eugenia seemed to her oracular.