Clairvoyant [adjective]

Definition of Clairvoyant:

intuitive, psychic

Synonyms of Clairvoyant:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clairvoyant:


Sentence/Example of Clairvoyant:

Some choose to believe that these clairvoyants have other worldly insights that most people do not.

While some of these doctors were legitimate and extremely skilled, the term clairvoyant physician was generally used to describe your typical 19th-century quack.

I don’t think anybody was clairvoyant enough, wise enough to think that far down the road this was going to be a consequence.

Debussy is a man of unhampered and clairvoyant imagination, a dreamer with a far-wandering vision.

Before he had time to fly, one of them, with the rapidity of an arrow, struck his clairvoyant eye with a stick and burst it.

According to these words Ezekiel was either an out-and-out deceiver, a wicked man, or, he was a clairvoyant.

The clairvoyant added that he would probably live to a great age and die in a foreign land—a prophecy which did not comfort him.

With her face hidden by a thick vail, and accompanied by her maid she went to visit the clairvoyant who was spoken of so highly.

Every man Jack and every woman Jill of the lot believe in that crystal and clairvoyant nonsense!

Don't you believe she really is clairvoyant, and sees things in her crystal?