Judicious [adjective]

Definition of Judicious:

wise, thoughtful

Opposite/Antonyms of Judicious:

Sentence/Example of Judicious:

If your ultimate destination is the moon and onward to Mars, this makes a lot of sense because you can much more easily refuel at judicious locations along the way than build a new rocket.

On Sunday, the show lost its judicious leader, Alex Trebek, who died at age 80 after a battle with cancer.

The cultivation, though not always judicious, is generally thorough, there being no lack of hands nor of good will.

I hurried home, Tom and I composed a careful and judicious p. 47letter.

The plan was judicious, and executed in a manner that does great honor both to the general and the troops.

His poultry, equally with his horses, could have testified to the judicious attention which he bestowed upon them.

He at once despatched judicious instructions to his officers in Scotland and on the Borders.

Meanwhile, the judicious establishment of free soup kitchens in the streets alleviated the necessities of the mob.

The judicious father saw that it would be utterly unavailing to urge the suit, and the matter was dropped.

Does it lie in the mouth of a son of that house to blame the judicious munificence of a wise and good King?