Nonsensical [adjective]

Definition of Nonsensical:


Synonyms of Nonsensical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Nonsensical:

Sentence/Example of Nonsensical:

That is, I really have a notion of why I have collected all the nonsensical things there are.

What nonsensical scheme about making me an inspector of this or a collector of that?

Aleck, why are you so nonsensical as to pretend you don't see it's for you?

I notice there's no nonsensical chatter when you want to ask for something to eat.

The fervour of his words was nonsensical, but his intention, alas, was becoming clear.

These comments of the rabbins are accordingly frivolous and nonsensical.

A mere wind-bag, that's what he is, with a lot of nonsensical ideas about his own importance.

I must confess that I get lonely for some one who talks my kind of nonsensical talk.

All that is what seems to me so nonsensical, so uncalled for.

The ridiculous or the nonsensical is worthy only to be laughed at.