Sensible [adjective]

Definition of Sensible:

realistic, reasonable

Opposite/Antonyms of Sensible:

Sentence/Example of Sensible:

Then we wonder that respect for the law shows a sensible decrease!

"My aunt will treat the affair like the sensible woman she is," replied the earl.

It is the sensible schemes, unfortunately, that are hopeless in England.

When a master does not consider what he is doing, a sensible servant should set him right.

All foreigners break their wives' hearts—Nelly's a sensible girl!

Everybody can't be as sensible and handsome as we are, you know.

A sane and sensible wave seemed to be sweeping the whole country.

How stolid they were and how matter of fact and how sensible.

Now, for the first time, I was sensible that I had been really hurt by the fall.

I'm as sensible as anybody, and I can't see any sense in our not marrying at once.