Knowing [adjective]

Definition of Knowing:

experienced, aware

Opposite/Antonyms of Knowing:

Sentence/Example of Knowing:

Even as she promises not to tell, she assures herself that the knowing will be enough.

Learning to embrace the not-knowing and the discomfort of bearing witness to the devastation that illness wreaks long after the drama fades has been a fundamental part of my maturation of a physician.

“He has a good faith belief that the testimony Secretary Nielsen subsequently provided on December 20, 2018, regarding KSTs constituted a knowing and deliberate submission of false material information,” the complaint reads.

That flash of knowing, before your brain gives way to analytical reasoning, is intuition.

He spoke clearly and slowly, well knowing that some among the natives would understand him.

He is simply hearing every tone, knowing exactly what effect he wishes to produce and how to do it.

Knowing by experience that he would soon be up to it, he used his pole with all his might, hoping to steer clear of it.

And the others, not knowing that he had that day repented, sat at their distance and tried to form no conclusion.

However, I have felt some comfort in knowing that it is not Liszt's genius alone that makes him such a player.

She was thrusting herself upon Lord Hartledon, knowing that in his true heart it was another that he loved, not her.