Unintelligent [adjective]

Definition of Unintelligent:


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Sentence/Example of Unintelligent:

Fell in love with an unintelligent woman and one who never could understand.

He brooded profoundly, after the manner of crafty and unintelligent men.

He said that my air of unintelligent expectation irritated him.

If we say the chick is unintelligent, we must certainly say the infant is unintelligent.

He was too unintelligent to have the notion of such a crime.

It was wrong, really, to consider them unintelligent animals.

The test of that state is the unintelligent character of some of the acts of the sufferer.

He gazed at her long with a dull, unintelligent, unseeing expression.

They seemed not unintelligent, but devoid of all human experience.

To me they seem a frigid, unintelligent device, not to say idolatrous.