Witless [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Witless:

And all this witless piffle because of a quite natural misunderstanding of mine.

Capering creatures, who behaved witlessly, yet were far from witless.

The wife of the “odious person” was witless and fatuously conceited.

There was a witless vanity about my friend that sat on him almost like a virtue.

But do not give your witless vanity a foolish airing before my chaplain.

She began to be witless again, to wring her hands, to whimper and whine.

Would he take a wander-thought to his bed, and have witless children?

The man Lazarus is witless, he writes, of the relative value of all things.

Impatience came to his voice; in truth, I must have been staring at him witless.

I was hardly so witless as not to realize the truth of his admonition.