Intelligent [adjective]

Definition of Intelligent:

very smart

Opposite/Antonyms of Intelligent:

Sentence/Example of Intelligent:

Each of these developments, FAIR’s researchers say, brings the lab incrementally closer to achieving intelligent robotic assistants.

“If you can find a way of doing satisfiability problems that takes into account the symmetries in an intelligent way, then you’ve made the problem much easier,” said Hales.

In 1950, the mathematician Alan Turing suggested that if you could converse with a machine without knowing whether it was a machine or a person, you should consider that machine intelligent.

Armed with a deep, versatile roster stocked with hyper-intelligent defenders, Nurse is the NBA’s most inventive defensive coach, tinkering night to night and even on the fly within games.

Look for solutions that provide intelligent automation and enable human SEOs on the team to focus on the more creative aspects of each campaign.

However, many businesses not only stayed afloat but actually managed to attract new audiences through their intelligent use of content marketing.

All of this intelligent automation enables marketers and SEOs to hand off the manual, labor-intensive aspects of their strategy and free up time for more creative campaign management tasks.

“We may imagine a galaxy in which intelligent life is widespread, but communication unlikely,” write Tom Westby and Christopher Conselice in the June 10 Astrophysical Journal.

The astronomer Frank Drake proposed an equation to estimate how many intelligent civilizations we might expect in our galaxy.

All our intelligent students will insist upon learning what they can of these discussions and forming opinions for themselves.