Deep [adjective]

Definition of Deep:

extending very far, usually down

Synonyms of Deep:

Opposite/Antonyms of Deep:

Sentence/Example of Deep:

Ogalo, who hosts the podcast “In Your Twentys,” wasn’t used to having deep conversations on Tinder.

It goes a long way, and I wanted to say thank you from the deepest of my heart.

These specialists are the link between deep knowledge of Schneider Electric’s audiences and account optimization.

I do have actual friends, and I find that I would rather spend my limited free time having real conversations with them about our deeper and more private feelings.

Both players had plenty of good looks, hitting three shots from deep apiece.

Given the unique schedule circumstances this year, the NBA could agree to make one-time exceptions in extreme cases, such as players whose teams went deep in the bubble playoffs.

Unfortunately for Kansas City, Patrick Mahomes’s desperation heave after a deep drop-back went incomplete in the end zone, giving the ball back to Tampa Bay in the fourth quarter.

He struggled with Coach Bruce Arians’s deep passing attack and go-for-broke mentality.

Villanova didn’t have much of an answer when the 6-foot-11 Wahab got the ball deep in the paint, and the sophomore played some of his most controlled, patient ball of his career.

Underwater oil and gas drilling is an obvious source of noise, but so too are the seismic surveys used to locate new fields, which utilize a kind of sonic cannon to pound the sea floor with enough force to vibrate three miles deep.