Restricted [adjective]

Definition of Restricted:


Opposite/Antonyms of Restricted:

Sentence/Example of Restricted:

In every direction the view is restricted or terminated by walls of rock.

And if love be restricted in its mission there is but failure.

It is only applied because it is necessary, and its use is restricted to a bare minimum.

His means are countless, for they are restricted by no limitations.

Imports have been restricted, prices have gone up and taxation has increased.

Our capacity for emotion is limited, and the field of our intelligence is restricted.

His efforts were not restricted to writing virulent articles.

Membership of the College (p. 082) was restricted to the kingdom of France.

Surely it was a large room into which, from a cramped and restricted one, she had emerged.

They hold that it must be restricted to the aged and to persons who have chronic diseases.