Impeded [verb]

Definition of Impeded:

obstruct, hinder

Synonyms of Impeded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Impeded:

Sentence/Example of Impeded:

His knowledge and skill level are low, his judgment is poor, and he actually impedes work.

Game-breaking, distracting bugs impeded my progress, though Ubisoft has since fixed these issues.

As a result, women’s political engagement was impeded along two separate tracks.

Don’t wear a costume mask over your cloth mask, though, because it could impede your breathing.

The height and density of these partitions could also impede the natural air flow of an indoor space, Miller said, which could lead to certain areas having a higher concentration of lingering aerosol particles than others.

If Zhao is taking a more cautious approach, the change doesn’t appear to be impeding business.

That would result in “policy gridlock” among lawmakers and impede “the bipartisan cooperation necessary to efficiently address economic and fiscal challenges,” Fitch said.

This multipronged action demonstrates our continuing commitment to impede Huawei’s ability to do so.

One of the reasons might have related to how the closed-nature of the design impeded the peripheral vision of the wearer, along with possible obstruction to their hearing capacity.

That miserable crime hung over me, and its dangers impeded me at every turn.