Hamper [noun]

Definition of Hamper:

basket for storage

Synonyms of Hamper:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hamper:


Sentence/Example of Hamper:

The hamper is available in rounded edge or rectangular, depending upon your preference, and comes in 4 different wicker color finishes.

The basket holds up to 105L which is larger than most laundry hampers.

Instead, make the habit of throwing your workout gear into a closed hamper and hop straight in the shower after you’re finished exercising.

No further obstacle shall rise to hamper us once our backs are turned upon the ugly walls of Condillac.

It was, in fact, a regular dog's straw hamper, but it was lined with heavy quilted silk and padded with wool.

When the day arrived, the cat was tied safely up in a hamper, put in charge of the guard, and sent on its way.

Such knowledge, indeed, tends to hamper that free play of the imagination so necessary in this work.

When he returned he was followed by a waiter with a hamper to whose bestowal in the back of the car he looked carefully.

Even a very tight glove or a pinching shoe may suffice to hamper the action of the muscles required for singing or speaking.

He has made for the passes and slain his prisoners, that they may not hamper his march.