Embarrass [verb]

Definition of Embarrass:

cause mental discomfort

Opposite/Antonyms of Embarrass:

Sentence/Example of Embarrass:

He’s still working out his identity as a writer, and thus far that identity has been well-intentioned celeb turned author who hasn’t embarrassed himself.

I made a good living and I’m embarrassed to say that I never really loved it, but now, let’s backtrack.

Miss Manners has always disliked the public ranking of donors, apparently intended to embarrass the smaller ones into buying their way into a higher category.

These elite schools should be embarrassed by their graduates who have committed sedition and they must take action in response if they are to save their reputations.

This revelation embarrassed Democratic members of the committee.

We give Kansas City a 60 percent chance here, but it would be a great opportunity for Buffalo to reassert itself as a legitimate contender after being embarrassed by the Titans.

Ministers deprecated the motion as tending to embarrass the administration, and defeat the very end for which it was proposed.

As we approached Pomeroy the militia began to embarrass our march by felling trees and erecting barricades across the roads.

Jane, the elder sister, was the more dignified and it was therefore easier to embarrass her.

The first questions must never perplex or embarrass the pupil, for they are very important.