Explain [verb]

Definition of Explain:

make clear; give a reason for

Opposite/Antonyms of Explain:

Sentence/Example of Explain:

So don’t expect him to spout some hackneyed nostrums for success to explain an elixir-producing expedition that would make his Viking ancestors proud.

He explained that the memo with the standard was written on “deadline” and that critics “rightly saw this as a threat to our journalism,” said sources present at the meeting.

In a viral TikTok video, the Louisiana native explained that the adhesive in her hair wouldn’t budge after fifteen washes.

“Re-creating a scent is never enough,” said Dutch scent historian Caro Verbeek, explaining that together, storytelling and aroma can merge into a singularly powerful experience.

Police explained Wednesday morning that their investigation could take several weeks as detective dissect the crash scene, interview witnesses and await laboratory results.

The NTSB reported finding no mechanical problems with the helicopter or in its maintenance records that would explain the crash.

Bourquin explained to everyone in Buenos Aires that breaking was inexpensive to produce and targeted a young demographic that otherwise might not tune in.

Caldwell’s filing, which says he was paid as a GS-12, does not explain how he could have served as an FBI section chief while also being classified at a significantly lower federal pay scale than typically comes with such a position.

He then went on to answer the critics of his policy argument and to explain why they were wrong.

“With an explicit memory, we know consciously that there is an association,” Bryson explains.