Justify [verb]

Definition of Justify:

legitimize, substantiate

Opposite/Antonyms of Justify:

Sentence/Example of Justify:

Agencies need to be able to quickly justify why performance has changed and what steps can be taken to address these fluctuations — positive or negative.

Attorney Frank Crivelli, who said he negotiated contracts on behalf of police unions in at least 40 towns, said the dangers and challenges of police work justify the price in New Jersey.

I planned to explore questions about journalistic ethics and whether the ends of getting a scoop that might change history and save lives can ever justify lying to a source.

Why America is 'flying blind' to the coronavirus mutations racing across the globeStates cannot point to hard data to justify aggressive measures to contain the spread of dangerous mutations.

GameStop’s share price, which approached $500 at one point, had clearly become untethered from the financial metrics that traditionally justify rising prices.

Then that time selling off the stores is enough time to avoid the bankruptcy risk and justify a higher stock price.

If authorized, it will be up to global health leaders to decide if the convenience of administering the single dose, and its ability to be stored under refrigerated conditions, is enough to justify the lower overall efficacy of Janssen’s shot.

There are few things more valuable in politics than a persecution complex, and Carlson is masterful at helping people justify such complexes.

Michigan State’s victory over Rutgers is doing a lot of work to justify the Spartans’ inclusion at the moment.

NBC News’s YouTube revenue increase helped justify the time and attention NBC News’s dedicated video team spent on YouTube.